Crescendos/Dynamics going to random places

• Nov 23, 2021 - 21:51


I'm guessing you've added these after having created the part?
Because in the main score (for example at m15) you can see that you've added two dynamics at the same spot and made one of them invisble. Visibility is not a linked property, so you'll have to mark the same one invisible in the part as well. (or create the part after having added those in the score, so their initial state is copied over).

The bigger question to is why? What are you hoping to achieve except confusion by adding two different dynamics at the same position?

At first glance the hairpins look to be attached the same in the score vs in the part; any specific measure we should be looking at?

The violin part I get is a little different than yours.


Note the hidden dynamics in my version. Measures 10 and 15. No idea why. Not sure why yet.

I don't see any hairpins pointing in an unexpected direction (loud = open end, quiet = closed end) in either the piano + violin score or the violin part. I certainly don't see evidence that "every single crescendo is backwards".

I do see some oddities, like measure 79 violin part, where there is a decresc. hairpin from ff but with an mp marking above the middle of the hairpin. My guess is that you wanted the mp on a later note but just dragged with the mouse so that it remained attached to where it was originally placed.

Please can you describe the problem you are seeing in more detail - i.e. which hairpins in which measures you are finding in the wrong place or the wrong way round,

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