Export to PNG, and re-export of the same file

• Nov 27, 2021 - 22:03

When I re-export the same file to PNG--with the same file name, MuseScore auto-changes the file name by adding a dash -1 to my file name. Not only does that clutter my folder with unwanted files, but it makes it impossible for my image editing software to find the file via its previous name. Therefore, MuseScore--please leave the naming of the user's files up to the user. Please fix this bug, which looks like an error in the software designer's judgment, ASAP--because the bug is very time-consuming/wasting, and irritating as if to harass, tease, or bother the user.

In general, MuseScore designers need to conform to the operational standards and conventions of the software industry. Users rightly hate maverick deviations from the operating procedures we've spent so much time in learning. We absolutely should expect software, including freeware and try-ware, to be efficient and never waste our time. That means having industry-friendly OS processes.

Still liking MuseScore a little more than Finale,
David Faubion


MuseScore is doing that because it does create one PNG (or SVG) per page, even if the score just has a single page. Some years ago a patch of mine to get that changed at least for single page scores got rejected, reason being consistency.

See #5443: Single-page PNG filename (maybe I missremember reg. a patch of mine? And the reason too, here ist is 'a matter of taste')

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