Single-page PNG filename

• Apr 19, 2010 - 22:28
S5 - Suggestion

When saving a single-page PNG file, the sequence "-1" is appended to the basename of the image. It would be useful in the case of a single-page file to remove "-1" which indicates the page that the image represents.

Untested, but when the number of pages in a file exceeds 10/100/1000, then it would be useful to prepend "0"'s to the page number in a .PNG export to make the digit count for all pages constant (2 digits for files with 99 or fewer pages, 3 digits for files with 999 or fewer pages, etc.).


The Feta font is mostly acceptable except for the treble clef, which is a bit too cheesy. It would be useful to allow for an alternate form for the treble clef which is better balanced in the top loop.

The padding for score of more than 10 pages is already in. I'm not sure it's a god idea to remove -1 from the png name.
The naming is always consistent like this.