Formatting with only a few systems on the last page

• Nov 28, 2021 - 02:06

Hello Musescore community! I create a lot of arrangements for beginning piano students, and often I am left with two systems on the last page. For some reason they always seem to be spaced out equally on the page instead of matching the general spacing of the previous pages. Does anyone have any advice on how to avoid this? Also, would there be a way to avoid this problem with some sort of setting change (rather than manually adjusting the last page every time this happens)?

I've attached a screenshot for example.


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I don't recommend disabling the justification in general - it will mess up spacing elsewhere (perhaps not in the simple example, but on other scores definitely). Better to just add the spacer if you wish unbalanced pages, as I mention elsewhere. Better still to balance the pages better, though.

Adding the page break is definitely way to go here. Unbalanced pages look bad whether you put the extra space between the systems or at the bottom. But if you have some special reason to need the unbalanced page, and prefer the space bunched up at the bottom rather than distributed between the systems, a spacer is probably the best way to go.

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