Apple ID glitch?

• Nov 28, 2021 - 10:16

I've seen several posts about similar problems, but the replies all tell people they're on and it apparently hasn't been investigated any further.

I wonder if my post has already been dismissed as identical to them without having been read.

To be clear: I am not on I am on
I created my account here within the hour. (I have taken some time to compile a detailed account of my issue and the recursive problem, below.) I have not navigated off of this site (.org) during that time.

I created an account using Apple ID log in. As one user described: This means I did not receive any confirmation emails or .org specific passwords.

It seems that since these details do not exist in the system, I am unable to make changes to my account.

To elaborate:
My account page says I only need to input a password if I want to change my e-mail address or password - however: If I try to change my username from the string of characters "r4j5v87mzw", the page prompts me to input the password it explicitly says is not required if I'm not doing either of said two things.

More importantly:
Directly related to that: my account has been assigned the e-mail address ""; which is definitely not an address I have any access to, nor that I deliberately sought to create. I cannot change this e-mail address, as stated above, because I must input a password that I was never prompted to create - a password I cannot create without verifying my identity. I cannot verify my identity, because I cannot fill in the "Current Password" field, as it clearly does not accept a BLANK entry.

While creating this account, I was given the option to display or hide my e-mail address.
Perhaps this is related to the problem?

At this point: I will log out and learn what happens when I try to either log back in or create a new account while NOT hiding my e-mail address. I was on the fence about hiding it, so attempting to make the other choice is no big deal for me.

Thank you for reading to the end of my efforts to articulate my technical issue.


I have successfully logged out and back in; and some interesting things have happened in the process.

For one: I had to log out of both .com and .org - .com seems to require I verify my Apple ID and password, the same process as when I initiated my existence on the .org site; and .org (now that I exist) seems to log me in without asking me for credentials — which is what I asked the .org site to do when I was given the option as I created the account: trust this computer for future log ins.

Further, I have to be very careful about how I select to access my account, because several different efforts to access my profile or Settings while on the .org site, take me to the .com site. — where I have an account which was clearly automatically created to supplement my new .org existence.
(To express some negative emotion: Given the above fact (ignoring the subsequent deduction about supplementary accounts), any suggestion that the difference between the .com and .org sites is important during this problem that multiple people are clearly having, is a bit irritating. This testimony describes how attempting to navigate the .org site keeps forcing the user back to the .com site. Previous users have submitted images with their posts, to help illustrate the problem. One user was told their problem was being on .com and not .org, so any problems needed to be posted to .com instead of here on .org, where the forum for .org issues is. Other users more clearly articulated my same problem, but then their image contained ".com" and they were dismissed as identical to the previous, less detailed issues — as stated in the reply which linked subsequent users to the earlier, said less detailed issue.)

To return to positivity during the logical analysis:

I hope this information helps us find a solution.
At present, I am considering using the "Delete my account" option. I'm hoping I would then be able to NOT hide my e-mail address (as mentioned in the OP) and that I could observe some differences. If I do successfully delete and recreate and find the same problem, I will delete and recreate without using Apple and see what happens, then.

I will be back with an update. (^_^)b

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I somehow forgot to mention this in either of the two posts:

Having read said replies about the importance of the difference between the two sites, and then noticing that .org so often shuffled me to .com for most things I've tried to click on, I have repeatedly manually retyped "" into the URL, so that I would not be on .com while attempting to resolve my login issue.
Indeed, the profile I am attempting to edit appears to be located on .com.

Understanding that .com is for searching and .org is for writing, I am fully aware that it is .org that I want to be using, presently. Unlike the user attempting to assist people is trying to indicate, however, there apparently is no difference between the sites when it comes to users' accounts.

I have also attempted to post a thread on .com; but the community is clearly not for these types of problems. Searches for technical problems led me to the group "Improving Muse Score" and the request to complete a bug report.

I will exhaust my ideas before doing so, in the hope the report will be as informative as possible.

Again, hopefully this will all help the next person who comes along and creates an account on .org using their Apple ID and then finds all these problems exist.

I will be back with an update. (^_^)b

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I have attempted to utilize "reset my password". The site sent an e-mail to the address of record, the erroneous one I am unable to fix.

I should mention: I did click on the bug report link, described above, to see what would happen. The .com site errored briefly with a message regarding a non-existent address before then redirecting and indicating my correct e-mail address, atop a series of fields. Thus, my desire to finish researching this problem.

What I am primarily here to explain pertains to the Deletion solution described above.
Manually returning myself to .org and then attempting to access the settings for my account, takes me to the .com site. I recognize no way for me to access my .org account listing. All things for me to click on while on .org, take me to .com. I don't know how much more clearly I can articulate the effort I'm making to separate these two sites, after so many replies from a user about how the two sites are separate.
Accepting that I can only access the .com profile settings, I have clicked on the Delete My Account option. I have been warned that doing so will delete my information and my content. Since I was concerned this included my .org posts (beyond the obvious reference to sheet music, of which I have posted none), I am here to post an update and then screengrab all of this. If these .org posts are gone after I delete and recreate the .com account, I will have these images to submit with my new post about the problem caused by creating a .org account, using the Apple ID option.

I will return with an update. (^_^)b

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I have now attempted to delete and recreate my account.

However, when I clicked on Create Account and then Sign Up with Apple and provided my correct e-mail, I was logged into the deleted account.

At present, these posts are not listed as being under r4j5v87mzw, but instead as being under "[DELETED] [sic] 41357061".

Attempting to access my account settings now has different results. The account screen is blocked by a site pop-up requiring proper authentication of the e-mail address of record, the erroneous one. I utilized the "resend e-mail" option for verification, but have received no e-mail to my correct address. Yes, I checked the junk folder.

Perhaps some processing time is required before I will NOT be logged back into this "deleted" account instead of being given the same screens I was given before establishing any identity on the sites.
Be that as it may, I have am running out of patience for this problem. I will now attempt to create an account without Apple.

You reading this and the version of me typing it shall hope that I return with another update. (^_^)b

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While the original posts still read as explicitly made by a deleted account, my previous post presently reads as under the undeleted identity originally created, r4j5v87mzw.

I'm logging this fact, as well.

Again our hope for further updates from a me who still has the patience to iron out an articulation (^_^)b

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Well, as one might have expected, it is no longer possible to Delete r4j5v87mzw, because all Settings are blocked by required activation.

As you might gather from this post, I have successfully created a new account through normal means.

I'm going to screengrab this entire thing, anew, and check back periodically. If this disappears (likely due to being made by a "deleted" account), I will repost everything under Venrymel, so it will still exist.

Beyond that, I don't think I care, anymore. Hopefully, I care long enough to notice, if these posts do indeed disappear. Otherwise, all this effort will benefit no one else.

Happy composing, all

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