How to have a barline right at the end of a line.

• Nov 28, 2021 - 13:14

Hi, I recently switched from Sibelius to Musescore and am re-notating one of my older compositions. It's a set of preces and responses for the anglican liturgy which requires a line for the priest and then a line for the choir's response - as shown in the first screenshot. I've worked out how to use hiding empty bars, frames, and line breaks for most of the formatting - the only issue is that, as shown in the second screenshot, the staff runs through the double barline which isn't really what I want. Is there any way to amend this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Alright, there you are. I've finished writing in the notes and for some reason some of the barlines are right at the end (i.e. the first and second) but some of them aren't. I have no idea why because I haven't done anything differently (not knowingly anyway.) Have you any idea what I can do make them all consistent?

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Any explanations perhaps?!
In your score, there is some confusion with these courtesy keys. You started by hiding some of them, the first one for example (see the GIF) and not on others (for example bar 9)
Then, you untick "Show Time signature" of this first staff in Staff/Part properties.
And so, here is the inconsistency. So you just have to disable the Courtesy Key (or hide it)


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