Option to flatten a tie

• Nov 30, 2021 - 20:47

It would be great to be able to flatten a tie with a single checkbox, like what "force horizontal beaming" does, instead of having to adjust the anchor manually.
It appears quite frequently in classical music, afaik.

As an example:


You can't automatically flatted the tie, but you can force those invisible notes to display an octave lower use the "Fix to line" option in the Inspector. Or, mark the ties invisible and add symbols instead. I suspect the latter - as a "let ring" indication - is what you are thinking of when you mention this being common, because the specific example you seem to be showing where or a note being tied into a repeated passage but not actually showing the target of the repeat isn't common at all. If you explain the actual use case in more detail - what this is supposed to represent - we may be able to make better suggestions.

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If that other trick works for you, great. I'm not sure what you mean about "fault", but once again, in order for us to provide you with the best assistance, we need more context. Not screenshots but actual real world scores so we can understand the situation and what the best solution is. Could be there is something else that would work even better once we understand your actual goal. or it could be we'll discover a way to diesgn a feature to handle all such real world cases more automatically. But we need to understand the actual situation in order to do any of that. So, an actual sample score, and ideally also a PDF showing a similar passage in published music so we can understand the actual goal.

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