Option to break a tie between two staffs separated by a frame

• Nov 30, 2021 - 21:10

It would also be great to break a tie between two staffs, like what a line break does.
It can that essentially be a hack to achieve #326977 by setting the frame width to zero. (Both of them shall be implemented if possible though.)


Actually no option for this is needed, is should simply be done, without exceptions, if a tie or slur (or volta, or...) spans across a horizontal frame

Unless I misunderstand, this is similar to adding a tie to a 2nd ending. To do this the kludge is to add a grace not in the 2nd ending before the note you want tied, make it invisible and tie it to the note.

Similarly, in the bar before the break, add a grace note after the tied note, make it invisible and add the tie.

I'm not sure I understand from just the picture - what is the musical purpose of the frame here? If you attach your actual score and explain the intended result in more detail, we can understand and assist better.

As it is, you can manually break ties using opaque white graphics - this is also useful for breaking them across time signature changes or across notes in other voices etc.

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Again, though, in order to understand how to best assist - and whether there is a significant real world use case we should support (something that occurs commonly in published music), we would need to see an actual score. Right now it still isn't clear why you are doing any of this. More context is vital in our being able to best understand, assist, and perhaps ultimately improve the program.

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