Adding a title.

• Dec 1, 2021 - 23:28

I use windows and have the latest version of musescore I am trying to add a title , without any success. When I use add / text / title I see a menue bar to format the title - but tit;e frame never appears. I have tried using add add / text / frame and try the add and/or append nothing appears to be attedchoice


Are you looking at the top of the first page of your score when you do this? That's where the title would appear. Normally MuseScore will position the view for you there automatically, but there might be some cases where for some reason it doesn't.

Also, be sure you're in page view, not continuous view - things like frames aren't displayed because they aren't really meaningful in continuous view.

If you still are having trouble, please attach your score and describe in more detail how to reproduce the problem.

And did you try typing in a Title despite not seeing a frame? Usually only a small box appears and then that expands once you have typed some text.

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