Custom palette with images doesn't show the images

• Dec 5, 2021 - 09:27

I created a new palette for holding custom images I'm using in my scores.
I based my self on the chapter of the handbook for creating oassia.
I've added 2 images: one .SVG, one .JPG.
Both are present in the palette but with NO THUMBNAIL.
I've tried to enlarge the palette cells, without success.

In attachment, the 2 images.

How to solve this ?

Attachment Size
mstestimg.png 1.54 KB
edittext.svg 4.24 KB


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Thanks. Solved by resetting the position before adding to the palette.

Is there a way to store (within the palette) the default position of the image when added to the score. This one must be placed above the staff, this one on the staff, ... ?

And a general remark, this image feature is an hidden gem. Why not having in the "Add" menu, an "Add image..." action ?

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