Chapman Stick tablature variation and questions

• Dec 7, 2021 - 09:39

Hi all

There's an excellent guide to creating a chapman stick tablature score here: but the Stick tab used in the guide above uses a guitar and bass pair of linked staves to lay out the music. You therefore have 4 actual staves onscreen -- treble (T) with linked tab (TT) and bass (B) with linked tab (BT). These are two instruments. That means you can have, top to bottom, any of:
T TT B BT or TT T B BT or B BT TT T or T TT BT B (what I use) but NOT T B TT BT or any other combination that places T and B together without splitting TT and BT. Is there a way to do this because I can't find it.

While trying to find it I have gotten puzzled by the Instrument panel in that I cannnot, for instance, change an nlinked staff tab to be linked without removing the unlinked one or change the clef of a staff (eg guitar from treble to bass) once I've added the instrument. Also I can't remove all instruments from the score during setup if I want to remove a guitar staff and add a bass one instead. All very trivial but counter-intuitive.

I would post a picture of what I want but, as I only have MuseScore and it can't do what I want I'llleave you to imagine it.

Finally, there is a semi-tab system used by a few Stick Players where the different fingers used to play the notes have different shaped noteheads -- circle, square, triangle and diamond. While these are all in the SMUFL glyphh list they are not all in the notehead families in MuseScore. Is there a way to add noteheads to families or create custom notehead families because, again, I can't find it.




Instead of opening a new thread, you should have continued on the one you quote above. Indeed, there would have been a good chance that @Steve Sawyer would have been notified, and would have answered you. Whereas with this new thread, he might miss it, if he doesn't consult this forum regularly.

And for, I quote: "used to play the notes have different shaped noteheads -- circle, square, triangle and diamond. "
They are available in the "Noteheads" palette
(If you don't see it by default, it means that you are still in the "basic" workspace. Switch to "Advanced" workspace in menu "View" -> Workspaces, or by clicking on "Add Palettes" at the top of the Palettes panel) and Add this palette.

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