Problems when removing a time signature

• Dec 7, 2021 - 21:52

When I delete the redundant 4/4 time signature in measure 83, it messes up the cadenza later, and adds bogus key signatures throughout the piece.
Thanks for any help you can give!

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Easy solution: Leave it there. It is invisible and will not print. If you don't like even seeing the greyed out version in the score, turn off "Show invisible" in the View menu.

Less easy solution:
1. From the right click menu in the cadenza measures, select "measure properties" (bar properties for GB English localisation) and note their actual duration.
2. Select and use CTRL+X to cut everything from the cadenza measures to the end of the piece.
3. Delete the "bogus" time signature.
4. Make sure you have at least the same number of measures you started with (add further empty measures if necessary).
5. from the right click menu in the cadenza measures set the actual durations to whatever you found they were in step 1.
6. Click in the top stave in the first cadenza measure and use CTRL+V to paste everything back again.
7. If you have extra measures after the end of the piece, select them and use CTRL+Delete to remove them.

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