Hand Written Music in MuseScore

• Dec 8, 2021 - 01:48

Now that StaffPad is part of the Muse Group will hand written music be added to MuseScore?

I already own StaffPad, which is a wonderful app, but you have to right in a linear format.
It is designed for more than 1 part. What I need is the ability to just hand write lead sheets.
I currently use MuseScore for writing Lead Sheets but it would be great if I could write it by hand just like I would on paper but have it rendered as engraved music.

I need the ability to enter the melody notes, lyrics and chords.
It would be super awesome if I could write the chords above the staff and have them rendered correctly.

Thanks - Tom K.


Anything is possible someday, but the programs are completely distinct, it's not like one can just copy & paste code from one to the other. And there is already an enormous amount of work going on for MuseScore 4 as it is. So I wouldn't be expecting this project to be undertaken any time soon.

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