Left Justification of Lyrics under Notes

• Dec 8, 2021 - 05:55

I am using a Mac -- I'm a new MuseScore user (MuseScore is fabulous, by the way!). I am notating Renaissance-era music (which doesn't matter, except that the issue is common). There are many instances in which I need to enter lyrics that do not comply with the "one note, one syllable" paradigm. I am aware that on the Mac I can use option+spacebar between words and that will essentially associate several words to a single note (the note "thinks" that it is all one syllable). So far, so good.

My problem is that I need to have both the note and the lyrics "left-justified", meaning that the lyrics and their associated note would start at the same vertical line and the lyrics would extend however far they are going to extend before the next note comes along (and by then the notes will each associate with one syllable, the usual way). The way it seems to happen in MuseScore is that the note and the several words of associated text are CENTER-justified: the note pretty much wants to be at the middle of the set of words.

Believe me, I have tried every trick in the book and am getting to be an expert at "Undo"!

The Lyrics Style Alignment function doesn't seem to have anything to do with this issue.

Can anyone help with this? I would be SO grateful!



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Shoichi, can this be "set as style" (the little S on that line of the inspector box), so one doesn't have to adjust it for every occurrence?
(Note--this is not standard engraving practice, even in modern editions of Renaissance music; however it has its uses, especially when entering multiple words under a reciting tone, say.)

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