Coding Panel

• Dec 8, 2021 - 18:37

After this video about "Changing your mind" in Musescore, I decided to post this suggestion to the team.

Dear Marc and team,

Would be possible to include a code panel into Musescore ? Something like Lilypond, where you could just alter some parameters in code and have the result in notation.

It could run alongside the wysiwyg thing as an option. There is no notation software with this... All is based in the graphic interface but sometimes is much easier to just copy and paste plain text and get results in notation.

There is a learning curve for coding but it's worthwhile. People that works with HTML pages are used to see code and to know what is the resulting code will look... LaTeX

guys also are used to this, math guys with formulas and special characters also use this.

Just an idea. In Opusmodus there is an special language based in LISP where you can build functions to change the music. It is so easy to change things, to reshape musical ideas, like repitching rhythms, adding syncopations, etc.

I think that in general the notation softwares are kind of handcuffed for making changes. If you know exactly what you want to write there is no problem. The problem is in the process of adding variations, specially in the rhythmic side.

All the best !! Thanks for all the amazing work !


FWIW, this seems like something not well suired for inclusion in the program itself - after all, MuseScore is not inherently text-based like LilyPond is, and that's one of its strengths. But for people who do prefer thinking in text terms, I could see the value of someone developing a plugin to display a window where you could type, say, ABC notation, or just the sequence of keystrokes needed to enter the notes in note input mode, which is a type of language in itself really.

It's not clear what that would have to do with copy/paste or with making rhythmic variations, though?

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