One voice on two different staff, and measure duration

• Dec 10, 2021 - 00:23

I'm trying to create this O Holy Night music I found which is blurry.

Musescore doesn't seem to allow me to place notes of one voice on different staves. Also, does anyone know why this measure has 12 eighth notes, when there should only be 8 eighth notes? Finally, am I reading this right that there are 5 voices in this music?? Sorry for all the questions, but thank you for any help.

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There are 12 notes because it is probably intended to be tuplets - two groups of six or two double groups of three. Look for an indication somewhere else in the score.

i can only see one Voice per stave with some of the notes from the treble clef being cross-staffed to the bass clef. One Voice can have several notes of the same duration and notes can be switched to another staff but still "belong" to their originating staff.

See the Handbook on cross-staff notatoin and on Voices:

I think I found that I can have up to 4 voices on top, and 4 other voices on bottom. I think CTRL-6 is what I should use to place 6 eighth notes in a 4 time measure. Finally, how do I place notes of the same voice across both staves. Thanks again.

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