template changing when it opens

• Dec 18, 2021 - 13:02

I have a template that has treble and bass clef. When I create a new score with it, it shows me a little picture and I can see both clefs in the picture.

I don't change any of the prompts and create a score.

When it is created, it has two treble clefs. Why?


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Probably because the template has a clef change in the 1st measure. But all measures are removed and recreated when creating a score from a template, so the default clef gets used

The template seems to come from an older version of MuseScore, so first step would be to consider updating. But also, it appears it might have been created via MusicXML import, and that is probably why things aren't set up the way they would have been had the score been created normally. As noted, it is actually set to have both staves treble, which you can see via Edit / Instruments when loading the score itself (not just a new score created from it).

Since this appears to really just be a pretty standard piano score but with a few minor changes here and there, I'd recreate the template starting from the Grand Staff template, make those same settings (eg, by doing a Format / Save Style from the current version, then Format / Load Style into the new version), and save that as your fixed template.

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