Slur not moving together with stem height adjustment in 2.0 ?

• Sep 9, 2014 - 20:25

Working with 2.0, I noticed that a slur does not move with a beamed note cluster when adjusting the height of the stems.
Is this correct or do I have to change something in the 'Style' or so?


Slurs in MuseScore are only partially responsive to stems, as you may have noticed - plenty of places where they collide. But for the cases where slurs do respond to stem length, hitting Ctrl+R after adjusting the stem length should recalculate the default layout. not sure when to expect it to work and when not - I guess if the first or last stem is changed, this should work. But interior stems are still likely to be ignored in the calculation.

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True enough! If you like, file it as a bug reportin the issue tracker then. I think it wouldn't be hard to make it work like 1.3. Personally, though, I'm kind of ambivalent on whether I like the 1.3 behavior or not. I might well want to shortern a stem length in order to fit it with the slur better, and wouldn't really want the slur-re-adjusting to make that effort be for naught. But then, I'd be unlikely to take advantage of this one way or the other very often at all.

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