Suspended Cymbal Plugin?

• Dec 22, 2021 - 22:50


Suspended Cymbals don't work as they should. Is there a plugin for them that I can download?

Thanks in advance,

Ian Hook


Which soundfont are you using? There is no special suspended cymbal sound in a standard General MIDI soundfont like the one that comes with MuseScore, but if you find a soundfont that does contain this sound, it should work normally within MuseScore.

Unfortunately, I don't think a plugin can be used to find suspended cymbals. It's just one of those disadvantages of using a free program.


Play around with different percussion instruments and find which one suits you best (I prefer using the 2nd crash cymbal option in the drumset with a tremolo. It might not sound as similar, but it's the closest I could get).

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Whether a program is free or not has no bearing whatsoever on the General MIDI standard. That standard does not cover suspended cymbal, so soundfonts that adhere to that standard won't have a suspended cymbal sound. But you are not limited to the soundfont that comes with MuseScore. As described above, you are free to download and use any soundfont you like. There are many specialty soundfonts available that go beyond the General MIDI standards and include sounds like suspended cymbal or other instruments not covered by the standard, and you can use those alongside the default soundfont as described in the Handbook. All of this is completely possible for free. But as mentioned previously, plugins have nothing to do with this. They aren't for manipulating sound, they are for automating tasks and other functions,

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