Is the number above a multimeasure rest changeable?

• Dec 27, 2021 - 18:29

Hi, I'd like to know if it's possible to change the number displayed above a multimeasure rest in some individual parts without changing the score itself. Ideally I'd like to change it to something nonnumeric (such as "TBD") but I'd settle for being able to make it invisible entirely. The seemingly most straightforward approach to that—selecting this number and unchecking its "Visible" checkbox in the Inspector—also makes the rest itself invisible. Is there some other way to go about this? Thanks for any hints!


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Thank you! This basically does what I want, and hopefully the image is a temporary thing and won't need to remain while too many other edits are made.

The one limitation to this method is that if anything is edited that changes the length of the multimeasure rest that's displayed in any of the parts, the image needs to be repositioned in each affected part. This appears to be because the image's X Offset is measured from the left edge of the rest.

Is there some way to make MuseScore position the image relative to the center of the rest? This should position it properly no matter what other edits are made.

I haven't tried either of the other ideas below, but I presume they'd have the same limitation?

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There is no official way to get centered text, but a trick exists: add it as a Fine or other repeat text, then set the alignment to center. Be sure to pick something that won't mess up playback, possibly altering the label etc in the Inspector if need be. A way of measure-centering other text is on the list for consideration in the future.

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Just be careful about which label to add in order to not break the multimeasure rest.

If you use a segno, you can add it directly to the multimeasure rest (internally it'll get added to the first measure within it). If you use the Fine as Marc suggested, you need to add it to the final measure within the multimeasure rest instead.

See the attached example where I started from a segno, changed the text and label, set the frame with a slightly larger margin, transparent border and non-transparent background highlight color and moved it vertically over the mmrest number.

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Thanks for the ideas—I appreciate all the help.

Marc, is there a feature request open for this? And (general question, since I'm interested in other bug reports too) is there a way to "follow" a thread in a forum or in the issue tracker? If I post a comment, I'll get email updates, but if there's a less intrusive way to add oneself to some kind of cc list (many other bug trackers offer this), I'd sometimes prefer that.

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Yes, see #321939: Add capability to center text in measure.. In general, just go to Support / Issue tracker, then try some relevant search terms to find existing issues. I found this one searching "text measure center".

I can't say I've ever used it, but it looks like the "..." menu next to the issue title when viewing it has a Subscribe option. FWIW, I recommend actually adding a "+1" or whatever as a comment (maybe explain your use case. That way it's easier to get of how many people might be wanting a particular feature.

You could use a line from the lines palette to cover the number:
1. Add the line from the lines palette
2, Increase its thickness in the Inspector
3. Color it white


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