questions about using MuseScore (the free program for music notation, composing,...) on iPadPro and MacBook Air M1

• Dec 30, 2021 - 15:03

I have an iPad Pro, but can't use the MuseScore 3.2 (or others) on my iPad. For the lessons 'music creation', it would be useful that I could use something 'mobile' as my iPad.
Is there any way to use the program on my ipad? If yes, can you tell me how?
Otherwise I should have to buy a MacBook Air (expensive :( ) just therefor. Does anyone knows if the program works on the MarcBook Air M1? My teacher has an AirBook, but not M1...
thanks for you information!


I have a student that has an Ipad Pro and cannot use musescore. The other alternatives are not so great! I clicked the below link and did not understand it. Was it a link for M1? O.K. that doesn't answer the question for IPad Pro or future release for that platform.
Thank you for a wonderful product - just wish I could use it across all devices!

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