Parts Pane at the bottom of scores

• Jan 6, 2022 - 16:03

I have turned it off by accident and cannot figure out how to turn it back on? Any help?


FWIW, there is no "parts pane" or anything at the bottom of scores except the status bar, so it isn't really clear what you are referring to here. But my guess is maybe you mean the MIDi import panel, if you are talking about a MIDI file rather than an actual score. This shows any time you open a MIDI file, and remains there until you close it. It shows up again the next time you open that same file. It does not appear when creating or opening a normal score - only MIDI files.

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Could be, but that wouldn't explain how revert to factory settings appeared to "fix" it, since the default is off. The only thing I can think of that would have appeared to "come back" after the revert operation would be the MIDI panel if one closed it. In this case, the revert would have been a complete red herring, it was actually just the act of reopening the MIDI file afterwards that brought it back. That would have happened anyhow just by closing the file and reopening it, of course, but maybe it didn't occur to the OP to try that until the revert operation force the issue.

But indeed, this is all just conjecture.

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No, the Navigator was indeed displayed by default at one time but that was removed quite a while ago. It might have been when the Timeline was added, but actually I was thinking maybe it was when Continuous view was implemented. Anyhow, when the Timeline was added, it took over the F12 shortcut, but it still doesn't display by default.

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