pre-load of soundfont after MuseScore start

• Jan 12, 2022 - 18:40

When using MuseScore for playback the first time after start, it takes some seconds (some more seconds...) until playback begins.
I assume that this is due to loading of the soundfont needed.
As I use MuseScore for play-along rather often, it might be a good idea that this loading is done "in the background" after MuseScore has started completely. In most cases then playback should be able to start immediately.
Maybe this should be controlled by a flag somewhere in the settings, in order not to disturbe people who only use the program for score creation...


This is due to the SF3 soundfont being uncompressed into RAM. And it is being done in the background already, you can edit scores already, just not play them. Workaround is to use an SF2 version of the soundfont.

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