IR Files (Impulse Response Files) and Presets

• Jan 17, 2022 - 11:51

I believe Musescire 4.0 will have improved instrument sound samples. It would be great to be able to import IR files as I can on my Hotone Ampero Multi-Effects Pedal and which I can edit using the Hotone Editor software.

I play electric violin and I'm developing an IR library of acoustic instruments.

My aim is to use Musescire to create arrangements and transcriptions for violin with accompaniment. It would be great to be able to play back my compositions using my own IR sound samples.

The "Spitfire" website provides libraries of IR Files including sound samples of orchestral instruments used by Hans Zimmer which are digitised samples of mainstream orchestras.

It is preferable to be able to playback our Musescore compositions with sound sampling that replicates orchestral instruments.

IR Files represent individual instrumental sounds which can be edited and collated into personalised Presets.

The ability to import IR Files and Presets would greatly enhance Musescore notation software.


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IR Files can be imported into DAWs, which from what I gleaned on the MuseScore website suggests that it will become a feature at some point in future releases of MuseScore. The inference appears to be included in the ongoing development of MuseScore which will eventually include its own built in DAW :-

"The Sequencer
Building on our existing piano roll, the sequencer is a new page in MuseScore’s history. The ambition is to eventually allow composers to create highly polished audio - bypassing the need for a companion DAW."

In order to play IR Files on an electric guitar /electric violin, then a hardware interface is required eg Hotone Ampero multi-effects pedal. However, it is possible to play them as 'sound samples' by connecting a midi-controller to a PC and playing IR Files through a DAW or custom editor.

MuseScore and Sibelius already use sound samples, so it should eventually be possible to import external IR files into MuseScore if the MuseScore software is configured to do so.

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Comment by bobjp:

As I understand it, v4 will be able to use VST's. Don't IR files require a special interface to work?

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The quote in my last post is copied and pasted from the MuseScore website where it states that the development of the MuseScore Sequencer will eliminate the need for a third party DAW. One of the features of a DAW is the ability to import IR Files. I suggest that you read the what MuseScore have said a out the development of the Sequencer. Personally I would value the ability to use custom IR Files when creating orchestral scores. The ability to import eg Hans Zimmer IR Files as sample audio files would be most welcome. (The Hans Zimmer IR files can be downloaded from

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Yes but it doesn't say it will include a DAW. Only the need for one to begin with. There is a world of difference between the sound files Sibelius uses and the fonts MuseScore uses. They are not interchangeable. The V4 ability to use VST's will be a huge step forward in playback quality. Along with the better notation playback. Still, good VST's cost a fair amount of money.

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It's important to realize the article from which you are quoting was an early concept, subject to change, and if you follow the discussion since, you'll see it has changed quote a bit. It's still a big focus on playback on general, but the direction has shifted considerably, and sequencer mode, as far as I know, is not in the plan for MuseScore 4. It's not in the current master builds that are expected to become the "alpha" release, hopefully in the new few weeks.

Not that some sort of sequencer functionality can't ever happen in the future, but I just wanted to adjust your expectations a bit - it seems it won't be happening for 4.0.

I've never heard of "IR files", but if you do read the more recent announcements, you'll get a better idea of what sport of enhancements are being planned, and then maybe you'll be able to tell better whether that would do what you need, or what additional functionality would still be required.

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Thanks Marc for your response.
I should make it clear that my hope for an integrated IR Loader in the Sequencer is NOT expected in Musescore 4.0 but rather a hope that it could be included in a future software upgrade.

I note that there is "still a big focus on playback in general" and with that in mind an IR Loader software component would complement the playback development.

The inclusion of an IR Loader in a FUTURE upgrade of Musescore would give the user more choice and authenticity in audio playback of orchestral and choral compositions. It is also overlaps the current use of a MIDI Controller for Notation input and composing with a DAW like Ableton. Even if it`s not proposed to integrate a DAW into Musescore it would be great if it was possible to link an external DAW in some way. The use of a MIDI Controller as a Notation input device has opened a door of possibility particularly as digital sound sampling has advanced greatly in recent years.

My preference is not a 'make or break' criteria for using Musescore, more of a suggestion that would greatly increase its appeal compared with other Notation software.

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Hi Marc,
The IR format is basically a WAV file, but requires an IR Loader / DAW plugin to make it useable as a sound sample. If an IR file is played using a standard audio player then little will be heard, which is why an IR Loader is required.

I'm not a software engineer. I simply use ready—made software that enables me to load IR files into my DAW, edit them, and load them into my HOTONE Editor where I can manipulate the IR file using Equaliser, Delay, Reverb, Cab, Amp etc to create a Preset that I've configured and saved to my HOTONE Ampeto multi—effects pedal for use with my Yamaha YEV—104 electric violin.

`Presets' cannot be not universally imported. Eg. Presets created on HOTONE AMPERO are not compatible with HELIX hardware. However, the IR Files are universal and can be imported into any software that has an IR Loader.

Musescore's playback audio is a fixed format audio file, which may, or may not be exported to a DAW and edited and exported back to Musescore.

If an IR loader was part of the Musescore software then it would require some built in sound editing functionality to create a notation playback sound sample / preset.

I'm focused on IR Files because the have universal compatibility with any software that has an IR Loader. There is no such compatibility of Presets.a but like the difference between PC and Mac file formats. BUT there's a lot of software that can now import and export a wide range of document formats compatible with PC and MACS. The same is happening with Notation documents which are now becoming exchangeable between different Notation software platforms, eg as in Sibelius.

Similarly there is a logical progression of importing and exporting audio formats. Except, that the production of IR Files is in order to replicate a desired sound as an audio file. In practice this means that an orchestration created with Musescore could be played back using the IR sampling of the London Philharmonic, or digital special effects created by Hans Zimmer (eg as used in the Dune soundtrack). Playback of IR Files would require a built in IR Loader.

I have link somewhere that explains how to create and save IR files. Meanwhile I hope that this link will be a useful introduction:—….

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OK, then it sounds like what the developers would really need is the published spec for IR loaders. Something to explain more fully how the audio needs to be presented in order to be sued by the loader. In other words, how exactly it different from merely an export of the full score. I gatehr these are actual short audio file,s but it's still not at all obvious to me what they contain.

Whatever it is, probably it would tie into the new articulation modeling system discussed in the Announcements forum.

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Not all IR Loaders are the same. It's a matter of identifying which one would be most suited to Notation software.

Also, rather than reinvent the wheel, it would be possible to embed an IR Loader into Musescore and integrate it with proposed Musescore Sequencer in a future upgrade. Given that Musescore is Open Source software I'm sure that the creators of Free IR Loaders would welcome dialogue with Musescore Developers. Such a dialogue would provide answers to your technical questions and potentially result in generating useful contacts, scripts, and technical support.

Free IR Loaders.…

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Hi, I have yev105 and ampero, but I'm struggling how to configure them, can you help me? Where can I learn relevant knowledge to make my violin sound better, I hope you can provide your presets or IR for me to learn. I noticed that the ampero one sold by 3DV offers a lot of presets, but they don't offer them for sale individually, and buying another ampero one is a bit expensive for me, don't know if you have those presets, I can pay for them. Looking forward to your reply!

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