MIDI Keyboard

• Jan 17, 2022 - 18:04

I have been using this app for simple music transposing and I am wondering if there is a way of playing my MIDI keyboard and notating into the program. I have figured out how to do it one note at a time or one hand at a time. Is there any way of playing treble and bass together while notating into the program?


No, MuseScore does not contain the sort of AI that would be needed to guess which notes are in played in which hand or to sort out the use overlapping rhythms, etc. Not in real time, anyhow. If you record a MIDI file first using your favorite program for that purpose, you can import it into Msuecore and it will apply that sort of AI, but don't expect the results to be readable - the technology hasn't come that far yet.

there is also a more limited real-time input mode -s ee the Handbook section on note input modes - where as long as you stick to one staff at a time, one rhythm at a time without overlaps (no multiple voices) or tuplets, you can get some melodies input that way. It's not generally faster than simply entering the melody normally, but it's another option indeed.

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