Additive score Styles

• Jan 18, 2022 - 02:58

A recent discussion includes comments describing how to create a style for opaque guitar left hand fingering.

This post is a summary providing examples of two approaches

As you can see:

     • it's a task to create this style for each score
     • Or one must remember to use a styled template before creating a score.
     • Or one can import this if previously saved as a style,
       but only IF there are no other style settings that conflict with the desired styling of the existing score.
    • Or one can paster to a template, and suffer some of the property changes associated with pasting.

A simple solution would be Additive Styles, but as far as I know, MuseScore does not support Additive Styles.

By Additive I mean the option to load a style with a singular focus and add it to all extant styles. By "singular focus" I mean, for instance, a style that only differs from the default style settings in for a particular effect, or a select range of effects.

In the case of opaque guitar left hand fingerings a style could simply include:

     Format→Style...→Text Styles→ LH Guitar Fingerings
        • Frame = Rectangle
        • Border color opacity = 0% (otherwise your fingering will have an outlined background rectangle.)
        • Highlight Opacity to 100% (hard right.)

The user can save this to "Opaque Guitar LH Fingerings.mss"

Later the user can apply this style Additively to any score and —the point reiterated—without deleting other styles he or she wants to preserve. If properties are in conflict between the current style and the Additive style, MuseScore could post a dialog where the user could specifies which survives.

Do we have anything like that already? If not, please consider this a request



You can have that, but would have to 'hand-edit' the .mss files to delete everythig but the single setting(s) you really want to have. I've been doing this by comparing my 'special style' settings .mss file with one that is containing all the default settings (see default.mss), and keeping only the parts where they differ (plus a couple surrounding lines, to make the .mss file stay valid).
A couple sample files attached, And here's how one of them (no-harmonyPlay.mss) looks:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<museScore version="3.02">

As you may see, it is 6 lines, 5 of which are the vital needed file structure and 1 being the single setting it is about

Attachment Size
no-harmonyPlay.mss 137 bytes
default.mss 60.53 KB
Emmentaler.mss 832 bytes
no-enableIndentOnFirstSystem.mss 175 bytes
no-enableVerticalSpread.mss 155 bytes

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