Difference in text size between 1.3 and 2.0 ?

• Sep 10, 2014 - 17:12

When working with a new score in 2.0 I noticed a slight difference in size with respect to version 1.3 when I applied the fingering.
Although the digits in both the 1.3 and 2.0 version are the same in size: (8) when printing and measuring them they differ slightly but noticeably.
Same for the p,a,i,m.
I made them in both versions size (10) but they are different in size too.
In the attachments I isolated them so it is easier to compare.
Perhaps I am doing something wrong again.
Please advice, thanks.

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It's hard to say, but my guess is, the older version of the Qt libraries used by MuseScore were not very exact in their font scaling calculations and you'd end up seeing font sizes rounded when using non-default "space" settings (you have reduced it a bit). Whereas the newer Qt libraries used in MuseScore 2.0 are probably dealing with fractional point sizes better.

Either that or it's another manifestation of #33016: Reducing page scaling makes lyrics too small.

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Thanks Marc for your response! O.K. this not a big issue and increasing the size
solves the problem but I thought: is it only me who noticed this?
And again: lowest priority.
But a general observation about version 2.0 : Working with it for a few days now, I am
getting more and more enthousiastic about it!
I got the feeling that soon I do not use 1.3 anymore.

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Yes, I feel the same way about 2.0! I'm actually about to start a relatively large arranging (well, re-orchestrating, mostly) project I need to finish by Monday. I am looking forward to doing it in 2.0. I've done some smaller ones successfully, but this will be the most ambitious. And it's for the same ensemble for which I did my *first* significant project in MuseScore - using the pre-release of 1.0.

Anyhow, about the fingering size, I took a look, and it actually does seem to be a bug in 1.3, although not the inexact scaling glitch I initially thought it might be. It turns out that unlike most other types of text, fingerings don't scale with "Space" settings at all in 1.3. Create a score with as big or small a Space setting as you like; fingerings will never get bigger or smaller than the default, whether already entered in the score before the scaling change or after.

So in 1.3, you are really getting 8pt font as specified by the text style, even though you have scaled the score smaller. Whereas in 2.0, the scaling is being honored as it should have all along. And this relates to the other bug I mentioned involving lyrics (and it also seems to apply to staff text, maybe other text types) - scaling changes are actually applied *twice* it seems. The hardcoded font info that has already been scale and stored in the file is used as a starting point, and then 2.0 is scaling again from there.

Overall, 1.3's handling of text was pretty bad in a lot of ways. The new text style facility in 2.0 is a huge improvement. But it does appear that there are some compatibility issues when importing 1.3 scores left to fix. Actually, when importing 1.3 scores - as I will be doing for this re-orchestrating project - I think I will probably strip off all text and recreate it.

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