Reducing page scaling makes lyrics too small

• Sep 12, 2014 - 14:39
S4 - Minor

1. Open attached score (produced in 1.3) in 1.3.
2. 'Layout'>'Page Settings…'.
3. Reduce scaling to 0.764mm.
4. 'OK'.
5. 'Save'.
6. Open score in 2.0.

Result: The lyrics are too small.
Reducing page scaling makes lyrics too small.png

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build e2a6fbd - Mac 10.7.5.


A quick test suggests this also applies to staff text. Maybe all text for all I know. 1.3 basically hardocded the scaled-down (or up) font size into each text element. it seems we are honoring this on import into 2.0, and *then* apply the scaling on top of that. So things are basically scaled twice

This also may be responsible for a curious effect with fingering. 1.3 never scaled it in the first place (a bug I guess) so it was the unscaled size that was hardcoded in the file. We are now doing the same with fingeirng that we are for lyrics - reading the hardcoded size then scaling it. So we are, in effect, now fixing the 1.3 bug. If we stop the double-scaling of other text, we will probably also restore the 1.3 bug, for imported scores anyhow. So I guess that's good, maybe. See