Change from a Staff with Treble Clef to one with Bass Clef

• Jan 20, 2022 - 12:00


I have been typing nwc files for a few years for my choir. However, I'm a beginner in MuseScore which I find really fantastic presently. Would you do me a favor? I have a few questions as follows:

  1. How to select a staff only, rather than total staves - ex) B1, B2, or PL stave only
  2. How to change a staff with treble clef to one with bass clef - ex) B1, B2, and PL staves need to be changed from the shown staff with treble clef to a staff with bass clef
  3. How to transform an nwc file to an mscz one so that all five the staves of the nwc file are the same as those of the transformed mscz file.
  4. How to change a staff by 8 octaves up or 8 octaves down

The attached file is the one transformed from an nwc file to a mid file.

Thanks for your advice.

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  1. Do you really want 8 octaves up or 8 octaves down? Wouldn't that be rather squeaky or rumbly? Eight octaves is a whole piano's worth of transposition!

Perhaps you just want to mark some passages to be played/sung one octave higher or lower, in which case use an octave alta or basso line over the passage. They are found in the the advanced pallet

Octave - lines.jpg

Or if you want the whole part to be played/sung an octave higher or lower than written, use a transposing clef, again from the advanced pallet.


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