Dialog windows too large for display (Windows 10, amd64)

• Jan 20, 2022 - 22:48

The Preferences and Start Center dialog windows (and possibly others as well) are too tall to fit in my laptop's display, making the OK, Cancel, and Apply buttons inaccessible. Also, I recall having a more serious problem with the dialog containing the notice about the new Edwin font--the controls were off-screen and trying to resize the window caused it to be minimized instead, and I would then have to click the window handle and close it before I could do anything else in MuseScore. (I cannot reproduce this error now, though, since that dialog only showed up when I first installed the program.)


Are other interface elements of normal size?
I'm guessing though that you have Windows Display Scaling enabled to a certain factor, and that is likely what is tripping up those dialogs. Try disabling the scaling for MuseScore, if this results in too tiny a UI, you can always adjust your shortcut to force a certain DPI setting for MuseScore (we'll cross that bridge with you when and if we get there).

As for the settings about Edwin, you can always review those in Edit > Preferences > Import

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