Conversion of nwc file into musescore one

• Jan 24, 2022 - 12:00

I converted a nwc file into a midi file, which I opened via musescore. I find the converted midi file is not the same as the nwc file, and I have a few questions as follows:
1. Only the lyrics of the first staff of the nwc file are copied to a midi file, while the lyrics of the other staves are not copied to the midi file.
2. The first measure of the nwc file consists of two notes only in this specific song. When it is converted into a midi file, the first two-note nwc measure automatically turns into a complete four-notes measure, combining the two notes of the next measure.
3. Please advise how to beam three or two notes
Please look at the attachments and advise. I'd appreciate it.


MIDI is not a good format, MusicXML would the far better choice
There's been another such question recently, indicating that the MIDI from NWC is pretty much useless

Not sure whether pickup measures are getting handled by MIDI at all?

How to type a measure without enough notes?
- right-click the first measure, to get the popup context menu
- then choose Measure Properties > Measure Duration > Actual
- then reduce the Actual value to the required measure duration
- enable the checkbox "Exclude from measure count"

In the Handbook, look for Pickup in "Measure Operations":

How to beam?
- either use the Beam Properties palette to change the beaming on one note
- or select several measures, then choose Format > Reset Beams

In the Handbook, see "Beams":

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