Retrograde Multi-voice/staff

• Jan 27, 2022 - 09:24

Using NewRetrograde shows that it only works on voice-1 and anything else is untouched, and since I recently got the Top/Bottom/etc selection to work based on PruneStack, i figured I wanted to get this to work also while up and about. I'd like to also maybe get selectivity of voices and/or to retrograde rhythm but not pitch and vice versa, but for now the main point was to achieve retrograde with multiple staves/voices included... and luckily got that working:


This demonstration looks silly of course, but it might be of some use..., so here goes:

[Update file on 2022.02.01]

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RetroGradeOptions.qml 13.39 KB


1. Got pitch and rhythm only versions
2. Enabled keyboard shortcut for those three options: entire selection/pitch only/rhythm only
3. Fixed something weird happening under some weird circumstance

The only drawback I've found is there's no storage of accidentals here, so enharmonic spelling will be lost since MIDI pitches are used instead of actual notes. I partially got it to work but I got some weird results with the API's cursor and element setting, along with strange undo behavior so I kept it as is...

Here's an updated cast:


And the qml file will be updated on the first post

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