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• Jan 28, 2022 - 13:47

Dear community. I am looking for a score of a vocal piece by Josef Ketchakhmadze. The title of this piece is "Choral".
You can listen to it on the following link:
If anyone has this sheet music or if a musician can write it, I would be infinitely grateful.
I tried to find this partition at all the publishers, impossible to buy it.

thanks in advance

Chere communauté. Je recherche une partition d'un morceau vocale de Josef Ketchakhmadze. Le titre de ce morceau est "Chorale".
Vous pouvez l'écouter sur le lien suivant :
Si quelqu'un a cette partition ou si un musicien peut l'écrire, je lui en srait infiniment reconnaissant.
J'ai essayé de trouver cette partiton chez tous les éditeurs, impossible de l'acheter. merci d'avance


Josef Ketchakhmadze (b.1939, d.2013).
I attach a Google-Translate version of the biography of the composer Josef Ketchakhmadze on the Russian Wikipedia. The relevant parts are as follows:

"In 1960-1965 he studied at the Faculty of Composition of the Tbilisi Conservatory . V. Sarajishvili (class of Professor Iona Tuskia , then - David Toradze ). At the same time, he worked as an accompanist for O. A. Dimitriadi at the department of choral conducting.
Since 1966, he has held various positions in the presidium of the Musical and Choreographic Society.
Since 1968 he taught at the Tbilisi Conservatory , professor (since 1985); in 1980-2007 he headed the department of choral conducting [1] [2] .
At the same time, since 1972, he was the head of the department of musical institutions of the Ministry of Culture of the Georgian SSR [1] [2] , the editor-in-chief of the repertoire and editorial board.
Since 1993 - Chairman of the Prize Committee Z. Paliashvili; since 2002 - Advisor to the Minister of Culture.
Since 1979 - Secretary of the Board of the Union of Composers of Georgia.
He was buried in Didube in the Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures of Georgia."

So you might be more successful if you enquire at the library of one of these institutions in Tbilisi:
- Tbilisi State Conservatoire:
- National Parliamentary Library of Georgia:
- Georgian Ministry of Culture:

Bon courage!

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