Time signature

• Jan 28, 2022 - 17:03

At the very end of the verse I have a time signature I am unable to delete. If I try to delete the previous measure it will go away but it then effects the first measure of the Chorus. Any ideas would be helpful. 16433892849685306065648678348826.jpg


It is likely a courtesy time signature caused by the actual being inserted in the next measure.
You can disable it by selecting the real one and unchecking "show courtesy" for it in the inspector (F8)

If the time signature changes for the chrous, it's absolutely essential to keep the courtesy signature. Otherwise there is almost no chance a musician will notice the change - because changes are always notated at the end of a system if they occur going into the next system. Courtesy signatures are part of standard notation; unlike courtesy accidentals, they are not optional or subjective.

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