Cycling through voices in range selection

• Jan 29, 2022 - 00:26

This is a feature I'd like to see in MuseScore 4. I've got it implemented in my personal build of 3.x, but there is no merging for the existing release. The point is to not require having to use a pointer device to enable certain voices or disable them when you're attempting to delete, cut, or whatsoevering a particular voice in a measure. Cycling through makes this quick and easy, and now that I have it, I couldn't imagine not having it. Just one shortcut that cycles between ALL, and voice 1 through 4. Nice especially for copy/paste purposes. I'll never use the filter again for that sort of thing!


P.S. Maybe I can get JoJo to add it to PR#9000....

P.P.S. I originally intended to make a QML plugin that would do this, and it would've been capable but i couldn't figure it out since the filter system didn't seem accessible, nor did deselecting elements from the selection end up actually getting deselected when a range-selection was present, so I resorted back to the codebase.


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