• Feb 4, 2022 - 03:07

I'm a pro. mus. dir./organist. I have a huge service this Easter w/ strings. I've written a new song as the special music for Easter. I sang it for a colleague-friend I admire. He gave me a commission to arrange it as a choir anthem. WOW! so that's how I came to discover MUSESCORE last week. And all my questions,
My voice coach wants me to bring my arrangement w/me so we can play and stop it during my rehearsal. How do I do that? I can't haul my desktop down to my lesson. And I haven't been able to open my scores on my Mac Pro book. Any suggestions. I guess I could just hold my iPhone up to my PC speakers. Is that The best I can do? or can I export the audio and score? .... pull up my arrangement on her PC? / my Macbook Pro? or my iPhone 13 Pro Max? - so we can look at it- play the accompaniment while I take my lesson. Or does she have to come to my house?- 40 miles away.


You can export your score as a .pdf, .png, or an .svg for viewing on her computer:
and export the audio as a .wav, .mp3, .flac, or .ogg for listening on her computer:

Of course, if possible, she can download and install MuseScore for her own use on her computer in which case you can simply open your MuseScore .mscz file directly on her computer.

You say you haven't been able to open your score on your laptop - why not? What went wrong when you tried? That's the obvious solution here - copy the score to your laptop (eg, using a flash drive, or cloud storage like Google Drive, or just email it to yourself), bring that, then open it in MuseScore there and play it normally.

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