Copying layout from parts to parts

• Feb 10, 2022 - 17:31


Does someone know if there is a way to copy part layout from one part to another? I generally have Big Band sections that could share the same layout (meaning number of measures per line, page breaks, and so on). Being able to copy the layout for all saxophones or all trumpets or trombones would greatly reduce the layout work.



Hi, (I'm French......) I already do that, also for big band or concert band . I build the main score normally, and I reach the time of parts : For ex trumpets : I make the trumpet 1 normally . When it's done, I save it, I save this "only "part with name xxxxx-trumpet 1 . I enter a new sheet music , which is .....xxxx-trumpet 1, I delete everything, it's fast, and I copy paste the trumpet 2, from the big-band score, I delete and change the Part Name, and when it's done I save this "only" sheet music alone in ****-trumpet2 . and so an...... when all is done you can delete the "first "part trumpet1, sax 1, trumbone 1 and you get for your big-band score then only Main score, and all the separate parts are in the usual folder of musescore trumpet 1-trumpet 2-trumpet can print it

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