Delete old files

• Feb 14, 2022 - 02:54

You said I could delete the old files by deleting them on my computer . I did and nothing happened They still come up in open recent file stacks of them?!!!!!!

I can't clear ALL FILES because
The top one - is the one I want to keep.

I have uploaded it over and over - so YOU HAVE IT???? I can get it back from you????

I really do not understand - and you're are not clear in your explanation.

I have used Microsoft /PowerPoint/excel/ HTML/ since 1995
podcasting/ live streaming/ YT/FB since 2011
sequencing/midi/ digital forms since 1965
AND I have a Masters of Science in Ed Tech
So - why I can't I save and delete my files?


If you deleted them on your computer, they are gone. What makes you think they are still there? They might have gone first to your recycle bin / trash, just like any other files you delete, but that's no different from any other files on your computer - it's just how computers work. You can either empty your recycle bin / trash manually or wait until your system does it for you.,

This is now different from how files work in any of the other program you mention. Files are files,. MsueScore is in no way different.

Now, the deleted files might still appear in your list of recent files - they are, after all, still recently used files, whether you've deleted them or not. So, simply clear that list if this bothers you. I think they also disappear from the list the next time you restart MuseScore, but don't quote me on that.

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