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• Feb 15, 2022 - 15:21

I attached my laptop to a 40" 1080p TV with an HDMI cable. I have a problem with the display.
With some trial and error I succeeded to duplicate the problem at will. The setting on the laptop is to duplicate the laptop screen on an external display.

When I start the MS program - (while the HDMI cable is disconnected from the TV) - the icons are normal size on the laptop. I then connect the HDMI cable and all is well. The icons are normal size on both laptop and TV
When I open MS program while the HDMI cable is already connected to the TV the icons are tiny on both the laptop and the TV. Please see attached pix.

If I were to buy a 4K TV would I still have that problem?

If I were to buy a 4K computer monitor, would I still have that problem?

Is there really a difference between, (and if so what is it), an external computer monitor and using a TV as an external monitor if both support 4K resolution.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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TV set are notorious for geiitng their screen resolution detected wrongly by MuseScore resp. the underlying Qt.
Use the command line options to tell it which DPI to use

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Thank you Jojo,

I know how to use software written by others. I do not have any knowledge about how to get into the "guts" of the code or settings. I don't know what a "command line" means. :( If I goof up something I would not know how to undo what I did.
I am wondering that if this issue is "a known bug", why is it not getting fixed?

Can you please tell me if there is a difference between a 4K computer monitor and a 4K TV?
If I buy a 4K monitor will MS not have a nervous breakdown with respect to tiny icons?

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> "if this issue is "a known bug", why is it not getting fixed?"

Because the bug is not inside MuseScore's own code. We build MuseScore on top of some other code libraries to not have to reinvent the wheel and help us deal with the differences between different operating systems. The detection bug is within one of those libraries. We plan on using a (much) newer version for the next MuseScore version as well, so there's a chance this'll be better.
To be on the more user-friendly side, we're hoping to allow for a setting in preferences so you won't have to use the command line in the future anymore for this.

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