Diamonds in Rhythm Slash Notation

• Feb 16, 2022 - 11:13

In all of the scores that I come across that contain rhythm slash notation, whole and half notes are indicated by a diamond shape not the hollow slashes like are used in Musescore currently. I would really like to be able to have the option to use diamonds so that I can make my scores look more professional. And frankly, I think they look better too. Is there any way this could be a feature in MS 4?


Right-click (Ctrl-click on Mac) one such hollow note and use "Select → More…" to be able to select all of those type of notes in one go. Then use the inspector to change their Head Group to "Diamond"

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Those are different than what I’m talking about. That is just a diamond note head, whereas what I’m referring to is a special type of diamond that is much larger than a regular note head, and is used to communicate rhythm while leaving the exact notes up to the player.

Different publishers use different fonts and thus different shapes for these, so I wouldn't think of one font as more "professional" than another - no more than Times Roman is more professional than Garamond or whatever. MuseScore does provide a number of different music fonts to select from, but no one of the ones currently offered uses same look as the font you are showing in your example. Instead it's more like the one used in other professional publications like those the Hal Leonard "Real Book" series. Still professional, just different. Anyhow, if you can find such a font to your liking and it's SMuFL-compliant and open source, it can certainly be considered for inclusion in a future version.

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I haven’t looked in many real books, so perhaps that is the standard there. Most of the parts I’ve seen with diamonds are from musical theater scores.

Anyway, there is a diamond slash available for the Bravura font under SMuFl, so it’s there to be used. Musescore just doesn’t know how to work with it yet.

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Select the noteheat you want to turn into a diamond. make it invisible (press V), then open the master palette, there the symbols palette, there search for that diamond notehead, double click it, position it to your likings via the element's x and y offests in Inspector.
For futur easier use, Shift+Ctrl+drag it to your normal palettes

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