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• Feb 16, 2022 - 18:39

Hi all,
I’m building the orchestra MuS file of a piece by converting the various single-instrument paper scores to MuS single instrument file and then combining them in the orchestra MuS file.
In order for this building process to be successful, I have to make sure that each measure length of each single-instrument MuS file corresponds to what it’s supposed to be.
The first check is to be sure that there are no measures with length out of standard TEMPO at that instance.
In other words, I would like a function that allows me to find all measures out of limits, those with the transparent ‘+’ and ‘-‘ that MuS associates to such measures.
Is there such a function? If not, is there a work around, since the simple ‘looking at the score’ with my eyes for the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ has high probability of failure? Thanks.


So you want to find all irregular measures, all measures where the lenght doesn't match the time signature, where the actual duration and the nominal duration differs.

No, I'm not aware of such a function. It might (!) pe possible write a plugin for this.

Assuming all the single parts were originally generated from one master score, why not do it in reverse? Pick a couple of the dominant instruments and enter them in one score until you have all the time signatures, bar lengths and tempos correct. Then add in the other instruments (blank staves at this point). Now generate parts - they will all contain the same length measures, time signatures etc. Now put the music into each part, one at a time.

An important aspect that I've noticed is that when copying a consecutive number of measures from one score to another is that at least the following items (there could be more) do not get copied over:
+ double barlines
+ rehearsal marks
+ time signature changes

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