DS playback not observing double dot repeats

• Feb 23, 2022 - 05:04

Hi all,
I am thinking this question must have been asked before but I couldn't find a thread...

During playback, double dotted bar repeats are observed nicely until it gets to a Del Segno repeat then the playback does not observe the double dot repeats inside the DS.

I was wondering if there is a fix for this?

Kind REgards and thanks in advance
(Hong Kong)


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Thanks Gents, Sorry slow to reply on this one, Your answers were well received and understood.

ON the subject of playback repeats? I see a 2 bar repeat from the pallet is merely a symbol, The way I got it to playback was to insert music in the 2 bars then make the music invisible to reduce bar size(It still takes room though even if invisible) Anybody got better ideas on how to playback a 2 bar repeat symbol??
P.S. 1 bar repeats work well.

Kind Regards

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