Metric Modulation Shout-out

• Feb 25, 2022 - 01:21

I was just getting ready to post a query asking how to create* a Metric Modulation, or Tempo Equation--you know, those markings by which Uncle Elliott tells you that a quintuplet crotchet will henceforth equal a triplet quaver--when I came across Metrico, a handy-dandy little--what's the technical term? add-on? widget?--which nestles in your computer's font folder, and has a learning curve of about ten seconds.

*engraving, I mean; anyone with a pocket calculator can figure out how to make MuseScore realize it in play-back. But it's become common enough notation, I'm surprised I had to go outside of MuseScore to find a solution.

(Now anyone who does a search on here for "Metric Modulation" or "Tempo Equation" will find this post.)

Thank you, Florian


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