Changing the sequence with a particular palette in 2.0

• Sep 12, 2014 - 11:31

Is it possible to change within a particular palette the sequence?
For instance when I take the 'Lines' palette, I want to move 'Line' and 'Text Line' right beneath 'Seconda volta 2' because I need them far more often than the 8va, 8vb and the other ones right below them so, I do not have to use the slide (on the right side) in order to move them into the 'Lines' window every time I have to use one of them.


  1. If you want to change the palettes and deviate from the default one, create a new workspace, Edit -> Workspace -> New, enter a name
  2. Then Right click on the Lines header, activate Edition Mode
  3. Open the Lines palettes, drag and drop elements in the order you want, right click to delete one
  4. If you want to test, close and restart MuseScore to verify that your palette is still the same
  5. If you want to come back to the default, Edit -> Workspace -> Advanced.

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Lasconic, you have to help me in this because doing what you wrote did not get the required result:
1. After executing this point and entering a new name in the
window that pops up, it seemed that nothing has happened.
Doing Edit > Workspace again, I saw that there appeared below
the 'Advanced' and 'Basic' the new name for the palette
(Lines-II in my case).
2. Executing this point and right clicking on the existing 'Lines'
palette, I do not see 'Edition Mode' only 'Enable Editing' is

From that point I am lost because there is no new (empty) palette
where I can drag and drop the required elements.
So I am puzzled here.

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1. You won't actually 'see' that anything happened, but what you found below 'Advanced' and 'Basic' would be the name of the new, custom Workspace you created: Lines-II.

2. By 'Edition Mode', lasconic meant to say 'Editing Mode' (i.e., enable editing). English is not his first language.

Finally, your last paragraph suggests you want to create a brand new palette - but your original post states you wanted to edit an existing one. Which is your intention?

Thats it!!! Have rearranged the 'Lines' according to my 'needs'.
Thanks stevebob and of course lasconic for the help.
By the way, do not know whos idea it was but I find that new feature 'Inspector' a
valuable tool!

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