Invisible triplet rests have a visible '3' above them (even though the rests are correctly not shown at all)

• Mar 1, 2022 - 19:51

The attached example was created in MuseScore, but I've seen this in musicxml files created by music21 as well.

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InvisibleTripletRestMeasure.musicxml 3.79 KB


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Vaguely related, but definitely not the same bug.

I would expect that, while Musescore should indeed import and save the tuplet bracket and show-number attributes (#315611), it should also (if all the notes/rests in the tuplet are invisible) ignore those tuplet attributes, and simply not show the bracket or number.

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FYI, while MuseScore allows changing the "visible" attribute for notes and tuplets separately, MusicXML has a similar attribute "print-object" which applies to notes only. The effect on a tuplet bracket is not specified.

This means MuseScore's export is correct and the desired behaviour on import is open for discussion. I do agree it would make sense to make the tuplet bracket invisible when all contained notes are invisible, but that has simply not been implemented.

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