Lost recent downloads

• Mar 2, 2022 - 11:34

Recently when I save a new composition it comes up with
musescore 3 file () something in brackets.

Not being that good with computers I have been unable to find where my peices are.

Have tried the "Experts but they told me to try the forum.

Thank you Please reply as msimple as possible



No idea how the body of your message correlates with the title, i.e. downloads?

Please share such a score, attach it to a reply.
Be more explicit about that something in brackets, maybe share a screenshot

Use whatever your Operating System has to offer on file handling, like Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac, just as you've been told about a year ago in https://musescore.org/en/node/321755

When you first save a file you have created in the MuseScore notation software, you should see a dialog come up that asks you to select a folder and to type a filename. The file is then saved into exactly the folder you selected, with exactly the name you typed. if you've forgotten which folder you selected, try creating a new file, then saving that, and notice which folder MuseScore offers as a default - that's the folder you last chose.

If on the other hand you are not talking about the MuseScore notation software but instead are talking about something having to do with the mobile apps or with the score-sharing website musescore.com, you'd have to ask over there. The word "downloads" makes me think maybe you are indeed talking about musescore.com . Files downloaded from a website go to whatever folder your web browser has set - either it asks you, or it defaults to a folder called Downlaods, etc. That would be a question to ask the support people for whatever web browser you are using.

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