Lock Palette size

• Mar 2, 2022 - 22:17

Is it possible to lock the palette size?

When I boot the size always changes and I often have to adjust the width to show the contents.



I'm under the impression that the palettes width (at least docked in my case) is saved/restored across different launches. (3.6.2 Win10)

Attached is an image of how I want my palette, 2 images wide.

Again today when I open MS, the width was shrunk so I could not see any of the entries, just large enough to see that there were palettes there.

This keeps happening.


If MuseScore crashes, it won't remember settings changed during the session. So I will often quick and restart MsueScore after tweaking things like this. Also, keep in mind that these settings are often per-workspace, so if you change workspaces, you may well have different window configurations.

There are some other things that can mess with the widths of these side panels, like if you open another window that is docked to the same side of the screen, like how the Mixer or Play Panel is often docked to the right and thus widens the Inspector if you don't undock it.

Happened again.

I was working yesterday and left the Palette "How Set".
I booted the program today - "came up".

Fortunately I had left the Palette open - Usually I close it and when the reboot happens it is much narrower than it shows here.

How set.PNG
Came up.PNG

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Strange! I’ve never seen or heard of this happening. I wonder, do you normally keep the palette that narrow? I wonder if there is some calculation that gets thrown off in cases where the palette window is very narrow? Like maybe cases where it’s narrow than the labels on the palettes.

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