Guitar tablature fingering?

• Sep 12, 2014 - 13:29

Very happy and impressed with MuseScore 2; well done.
One issue re Guitar Tablature: Is it possible to enter fingering against the pitch staff without it showing on the tablature staff? I think I have figured a way, but, it is a relatively long process! Many thanks in anticipation...


This is being discussed in #32431: lyrics appear both in notation and TAB. I could go either way on fingering personally. It seems *logical* to me that it be included by default, and it's actually very simple to hide it - right click one fingering, select all similar on same staff, press "V" to toggle visibility. But I could also see how seeing two numbers - one for fret and one for fingering - could be confusing and why some people would just as soon not have fingering on tab staves at all. Which is why I suggested making this a staff properties setting.

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Thanks for the opportunity to explain:
It's not so much that I "do not want showing the fingering on the tab staff?" I think/feel that in most cases it is superfluous. Less is more! When I used the tablature option with a guitar arrangement I had scored with MuseScore 1.3 I was initially both amazed and dismayed at the result on the screen! Amazed to see my notation instantly converted into tablature; but dismayed to see that all my fingerings - both right and left hand - in addition to string numbers etc. were all included on the tablature staff: a single number 1 was rendered as 11, or maybe 21 etc depending on the finger indicated on the pitch staff. All in all it looked very off-putting and confusing. I have come to believe that tablature, can of itself, be of great assistance in regard to fingering! As tablature shows where to play a single note and/or chord; fingering especially in regard to chords will be obvious or, at the very least, limit the available options. Therefore if readers, such as myself, were to refer to the tab staff for guidance it would probable be found that fingerings and/or string numbers could be considerably reduced if not eliminated entirely. However the experience and/or training of the player would also have a significant bearing on the result! Just as a notation reader might refer to the tab staff for clarification as to where to play a note or chord, so the tab reader could refer to the fingering on the pitch staff for fingering should it be necessary. That said: different strokes for different folks... I accept the need for the option of tablature, particularly in the world of guitar publications, and I complement all at MuseScore for their achievement in that regard.

FYI: The approach I have taken using copy/paste is as follows: (1) Open new and and add linked tab staff; enter notation with no fingering etc. and save. (2) Open new and add tab staff - not linked - copy and paste the pitch staff from (1) to pitch staff of (2); then copy paste the tab staff (that was generated on the linked staff) from (1) to the tab staff of (2); now you can enter whatever fingerings etc you wish on the pitch staff of (2) and they will not appear on the tab staff. A bit of a longish process, but,it works for me and renders a very clean and legible score. If there is an easier/shorter way to get the same result please advise? I have read with interest the post, and comments, from M. Sabatella which are appreciated and which I will work on. Sorry to have been so long winded; hope my comments are of some value to MuseScore and the community

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Thanks for your comment. I understand your reasoning.

Do try out the method I suggested. It's going to be *much* simpler than all that copying and pasting! Only downside is you will need to wait until you are done entering all your notes & fingerings and *then* hide the ones on the tab staff.

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Hello bbguitar,

I read with interest your user story about fingering.

Know that my thought is the same. The fingering in tab staff is superfluous, redundant, leads to confusion with the twice numbers (numbers, and left hand fingering), but also with the twice letters (right hand fingering, and letters, if one chooses to show letters on the tabs), and I don't have seeing, in my memory, this aspect in the guitar publishings (except error or oblivion for my part)

The solution of invisibility works fine, it's true. But, it has the disadvantage to be very unpleasant when looking the score ultimately. If we think we should also make them invisible unison notes written in different voices, and others items (various lines, for example), the whole looks like a traffic jam as in the days of summer vacation from! Like this :
fingering tab.jpg

Miwarre, on another thread, have reported the case where one would wish, at some point, change the Tab staff type, for a second standard staff. And so, in this case, we would lose the opportunity to see this fingering displayed in the second standard staff.

Personally, I've never used that option. Has it a major and substantial interest? I do not know very well. This argument is to considering nonetheless. That's why I think, in the aim to penalize person, it would useful to have a setting in the advanced staff properties. For the moment, you can show or not in the Tab staff: Clef, TimeSig, Barlines and Rests. So, why not Fingering?

Otherwise, I have thought about your workaround. I think we can achieve the same result a little more quickly.

1) Create new score with standard staff + linked Tab staff → Fill the score, without fingering → « I » → Add two staves not linked → Copy-Past the two staves in an only one operation (not two : staff 1 and then staff 2)

For this, you select the first measure of the standard staff (with Shift) and the last measure of the Tab staff.
-> « I » a last time to remove the two first linked staves. So, you can now enter fingering without duplication, and other items, and you get, as expected, a very clean tab staff:)

To have try, it's possible that this process is perhaps no more tedious than making successively renewing all of invisibility operations on different items, so, the fingerings, notes in unison, lines etc. To have ultimately an unsatisfying visual result.

I probably will adopt this approach, I think, now!

EDIT: I did not forget, of course, the easiest way or faster, to not use linked staves, as said in the first comment. And make a copy-paste in the same way.

I stayed intentionally in the line of the thread, as it is true that the simultaneity of writing in standard staff and Tab staff is a powerful feature, spectacular, attractive, and that avoids the operation of copying and pasting.
With advantages and disadvantages, too!

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An other workaround to obtain a clean an clear Tab staff (without fingering and others)

- Create a score with two linked staves (standard + Tab) with entering notes and fingerings.

- Via "I", add a Tab staff not linked

- Go to Selection Filter (F6) -> untick Fingering (and others items if desired, lines for example)

- Copy-Paste the first tab staff (linked) in the second tab staff (no linked) -> Return in "I" to Delete the first tab staff linked.

In comparison to the previous process, you copy-paste only a staff (not two). More simplest. And you obtain thus a "true" invisibility. :)

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Many thanks Marc, I have tried out your suggestion and, yes, it worked perfectly! That said I have thought about the issue, over the weekend, and I am inclined to the belief that duplicated fingering on the tab staff should be an option rather than a default. My reasoning is as follows: MuseScore is offering wonderful free software in which "options" play a very significant role - Clef; Key; Time; Staff; etc. etc. etc. Why not make duplicated fingering an option rather than a default? You have said duplication of fingering "is/seems logical"... I agree. But the opposite is just as logical! It simply depends on your standpoint and where you are coming from. MuseScore offers 3 tab staff options and does not default to any one! The user can choose and therein lies the key: choice! MuseScore allows the user to produce "Beautiful music/scores"; but beauty is "in the eye of the beholder". I am very impressed with MuseScore and the resultsI am achieving with it, but, when and where possible I like the option of WYSIWYG!
Finally I teach guitar and showed some examples to pupils in recent days - before and since writing on the forum - the response was unanimous: (1) none had ever seen tab with fingering included; and (2) all thought it looked confusing etc. No insult or criticism is intended, or implied, in my commentary just honest observation. Many thanks; keep up the good work.

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I agree. For the record, I think we should either not display fingerings in tab at all, or make the display of fingering an option within the advanced staff properties dialog, defaulting to off for the standard guitar tab styles (lute might want to default to on).

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