make text visible while the note/rest isn't

• Mar 4, 2022 - 10:32

Hi all,
I have the need to add a text to the bar while the "rest" must stay invisible.
Is there a solution for it?
The other need (see attached picture) is to make invisible the two parallel dash of the instrument.
Is there a solution for this as well?

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The visibility of a rest and a text are independant of one another.

You want to get rid of the ledger lines for those slash noteheads? Then just move them up using the arrow keys.
Of, if they are 'Fixed to line', change the line they are fixed to.
More if you share the score

Not sure how you created that score, but instead of whatever you did, better to use "Tools / Fill With Slashes", then you wouldn't have those ledger lines.

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