Import Fretboard diagram

• Mar 6, 2022 - 21:42

I am trying to import an MPAL file that contains ukulele fretboard diagrams into palettes according to this help page:, but I keep getting an error message that musescores cannot read the file.
Is there another way to accomplish this?


How do you try to import them? That page tells you to:

Right click mouse on palette window, select "Load palette" and select the downloaded mpal file from the file browser window, the ukulele chords palette should added in the palettes window.
To add the chord diagram, select the chord in notation staff or tab and click on chord diagram in ukulele chord palette.

It does not tell you to create a new palette first though, but check

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Thanks for the reply. That is what I tried..... several times, but what worked was when I dragged an dropped the .MPAL files out of a folder on my PC containing them.

Now I am looking for .MPALs for tenor banjo/guitar fretboard chords. I wonder if I can figure out how to convert a .pdf if none are available. There are plenty of those out there.

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I was able to load "Ukulele Chords_gcea.mpal" into MuseScore. thank you for the instructions, and Great Thanks to whoever created this file!

It isn't clear to me yet how to properly add these into my score, but I assume I select a note and drag a diagram to that note.

Instead of adding a chord diagram above notes in the score though, I would like to create a "catalog of chords used in this score" near the top of the score. Do I need to create some sort of box in which the diagrams can be placed?

Finally, should I need to, how do I go about editing these diagrams, or adding one to the palette?

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